Commercial Roofers Vs Residential Roofers – Who Do You Choose?

What types of commercial roofers do commercial roofers use? Sloped and flat commercial roofing techniques are probably the most popular types of commercial roofing. While, both flat and sloped versions are common, flat versions often include either clay or metal tiles of concrete, asphalt or clay.


It seems that everything about commercial roofing services and products is confusing commercial roofers. If you think about it though, the confusion really isn’t all in the materials or equipment that they use. While these experts use expert tools and techniques, they are actually not so highly skilled as you may think. They simply don’t have the right training or the right technology to make a roof like your own. You can save on commercial roofing services by hiring a residential roofer instead.


Residential roofers have the skill, knowledge and expertise required to handle your new commercial roof. Most importantly, residential roofers are licensed by the state to perform the repairs. The state also ensures their licenses by regulating their activities. They are well-trained to tackle any problem that comes their way – keeping injuries to a minimum.


In contrast, commercial roofers are only trained in basic commercial roofing skills. This is because commercial roofs present a much higher risk factor for injury, including collapse. Commercial roofing services companies will usually hire new contractors that are specialized in commercial roofing systems.


These contractors are more likely to have more knowledge of which commercial roofing products are best suited for your home. They are also less likely to order or need expensive new roofing products because they will have extensive training with current products. This can be a great benefit to you because you will not waste money on outdated or broken products. Instead you should spend that money on repairs and replacements.


Commercial roofing contractors may be the ideal choice for large commercial buildings. If you own a factory or other large commercial building, you will know how important it is to have a safe, functional roof that doesn’t present any health hazards. A flat roof may be all that is necessary to ensure that employees and customers are not harmed in an accident. However, a flat roof is also costly to install – the major cost savings can be realized through hiring commercial roofers. If you have any concerns about whether a flat roof is suitable for your structure, then you will need to hire a professional roofing contractor – they will ensure that your new roof system provides you with the best protection.